• Custom solenoids – We can manufacture based on your application considerations, modifications for specific design, and the life cycle intended.  Through our Enhanced Engineering Support, we will design and manufacture solenoids to your satisfaction and specific requirements.  Our customization can include:
    • Custom Voltages
    • Custom Duty Cycles
    • Custom Force Curves
    • Custom Input Connections
    • Custom Plunger Configurations
  • Solenoid-China  is the right choice for your custom solenoid needs.
  • All Solenoid-China  Solenoids are compliant with RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC
  • ODM
    According to the customer’s envelope limitation and specification requirements, a professionalR & D team can cooperate with you creating a suitable solenoid for your specific needs.Some of ODM products are as follows.
  • Open Frame Solenoid
  • Tubular Solenoid
  • Keep Solenoid
  • Solenoid  Valve
  • Swing / Rotary Solenoid
  • Electromagnet

 Solenoids are basically customized to individual applications. To efficiently find best fit model, please consider & offer specific requirements and conditions of your application:

  1. What product do you use solenoid for? to pull or push when power on? (latching when power off?)
  2. Force/Stroke (Pull or Push distance) needed?
    Prime output. Force drops sharply while stroke goes longer, so design stroke needed as short as possible.
  3. Power (Max.) on time / off time (Duty cycle, ED%)?
    Solenoids heat up when power on, heat sinks when power off. Balancing with power to avoid overheating.
  4. Power supply: volts DC or AC? Stable? Any limits on watts or amps?
  5. Return Spring needed?  (springs probably offset solenoid force! it is unnecessary if load force can resets)
    If yes, Should it be A. Outside spring on plunger as on the color animated picture (prefered) or
    B. Iinside coil, between moving plunger & static iron core stop (hamper solenoid force)
    What spring force (troke) is needed when solenoid is on or/and off?
  6. Any requiremens for connection of assembling & power supply?
  7. Connections of Load: select plunger or pushing rod shape & specify dimensions:

♦ Plunger end structure for pull type solenoids (load affixed on plunger)

Plunger Shape D                                          Plunger Shape P

Plunger Shape F                                             Plunger Shape T

Plunger Shape G

♦  Pushing Rod External End Configurations for Push Type Solenoids:
Push Pin Shape K                                       Push Pin Shape S

Push Pin Shape R                                    Push Pin Shape Y