What is a solenoid

A solenoid is a device designed to convert electrical energy into linear work: this can be either push or pull.

The moving part of the solenoid is called the plunger and it is the movement of the plunger which is expressed as the stroke, measured in millimetres.

The Force/Stroke graphs shown with each type of solenoid give the nominal force, measured in N (or kg) that will be available from the plunger at any particular plunger position.

The Duty Cycle of a solenoid is the ratio of ON time to the total time for one cycle of operation and is expressed as a percentage, for example:

Duty Cycle =
ON time

ON time + OFF time
X 100%

A 100% rated Duty Cycle solenoid means that it has continuous rating and can therefore be left on continuously energised without overheating.

Solenoids can be either AC or DC. In general, AC solenoids are more powerful and faster than DC but they are not as quiet and the plunger must not be prevented from fully closing as it will quickly overheat.

Most of the solenoids shown in our catalogue section can be modified to suit your application. However, we also supply a range of specialist solenoids such as latching, bi-stable, clapper and rotary, etc.

Information required for selection

  1. AC or DC operation, voltage and current limitation
  2. Duty Cycle
  3. Force / stroke requirements
  4. Size / space limitations
  5. Push or pull
  6. Operating temperature
  7. Special features: lead lengths, mounting holes, plunger styles etc

♦ Linear pull push solenoids

Low cost,Low consumption,quick response ,soon delivery.
Our product development initiatives increasingly focus on full mechanisms and sub-assemblies that directly assist your efforts to eliminate inefficient vendor bases, reduce costs and inventory, and shorten product development time.
AC serie: C, U, Open Frame
AU Serie: D, U, Box Open Frame                                           �
AO Serie: Tube Shape
AD Serie: Moving Coil Stucture

♦ Tubular Electromagnet

Custom design solenoids for Holding magnet solenoids

  • High performance over short stroke,Compact low profile design,Optional voltage ratings,Customised design service available.
  • Total 10  selections..

♦ Dual , latching solenoid

can keep holding, even  power off, it’s a power-save type solenoid.

  • De-energized holding force is in the range of 0.24-24kg, 12 basic types and 18 sizes for selection.
  • Pull force can be increased by the union outcome of inside magnet force and solenoid
  • ♦ Solenoid vlaves 

  • Solenoid driven valve can be used for gas or liquid control, and features normal operation under conditions of Vacuum, Zero or Negative Pressure. But the valve size is usually smaller than 25mm of sluid tube.
  • ♦ Rotary / Swing solenoid

    • The oblique tracks are specially processed. We may therefore get certain torque at every angle. 
    • Outer diameter ranges from 30 to 87 mm,10 sizes, angle ranges from 25 to 95 degree.
    • Total 5 selections